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Chinese (Simplified / Traditional) <-> English Translation and Writing

Chinese <-> English Translator and Writer Specializing in Medical and Business Documents
Villa Park (Greater Chicago Area), IL 60181 USA
Quality, Reliability, Dedication, Professionalism

I am a full-time freelance Chinese (Simplified / Traditional) <-> English translator and writer specializing in medical and business documents. I offer the following services: 

  • Translation from Chinese (Simplified / Traditional) into English, and vice versa
  • Medical writing
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Language and cultural consulting

My Areas of Specialization:

  • Medical, pharmaceutical, and life sciences. My educational and professional background and linguistic experience make me an ideal translator and writer.
  • Business, finance and marketing. As China re-emerges onto the world stage, companies, big and small, are searching for opportunities in China. I am ideally placed to offer translation service and cultural expertise due to my wide-ranging business, cultural, and linguistic experience.
  • I also have experience and special interests in a variety of fields such as education, economy, contract and legal documentation, social, politics, humanity, travel and tourism, and governmental texts.
I have also reviewed specialized articles / papers written by physicians and biomedical researchers for publication or regulatory approval to ensure accuracy of terminology, consistency, and the use of concise, professional language. I have trans-created newsletters, business and advertising materials of high-profile clients for authentic language usage and proper customs.

Main clients I have been serving include pharmaceutical companies, medical device / equipment companies, physicians, biomedical researchers, law firms (medical / pharmaceutical patents), federal governmental agencies, industry leaders in banking and finance, manufacturing, heavy equipment, advertising industries and so on.

Why Choose Me?

Having examined and listened to the key concerns, frustrations and annoyances of translation buyers, I have adopted a client-centered approach to eliminate them.

Benefits of working with me: extensive professional, writing, and linguistic expertise, consistent high-quality work, ability to meet your business deadlines and fulfill your business plans, dedication to "value-added" services, and commitment to continuous improvement. 

As an experienced translator and writer, my goal is to provide a level of service that is second to none, which gives you peace of mind.

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